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Bristol Old Vic Theatre


Projection Design


A new production of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, adapted and directed by John Haidar.

Billy Howle as Hamlet, photo by Marc Brenner.
For full production credits and photos see Bristol Old Vic website.

My work on this used a mix of live-action footage filmed for the production, and created / generated more abstract material used to underscore Hamlet’s soliloquys and to help with general atmosphere and mood on stage.

Video shoots

We did a day of filming with three setups - a water tank, a staged speech for TV and a home video sequence featuring a young Hamlet.

Video shoots for theatre can be very challenging, mostly down to budget and the availability of actors outside of rehearsals. However, shooting with such limited resources can be a blast, especially when the results are half-decent.

Please note, shots were prepped for projection on a set, so don’t look great on screen - but you’ll get the idea.

Mirren Mack as Ophelia doing incredible work in a water tank.

Niamh Cusack and Firdous Bamji

Abstract stuff

Some of very many textures and ideas I made for Hamlet - some generated, some of mold shot though a microscope. All attempts at capturing various states and transitions from hazy & diaphanous to crystalline and neuron-like. See below for animated samples.