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Metal Heart

Title Sequence Design
Title sequence design for Hugh O’Conor’s directorial debut, Metal Heart. 

Metal Heart is O’Conor’s directorial debut from a script by Paul Murray. The film stars Jordanne Jones, Leah McNamara, Moe Dunford, Seán Doyle, and Alan Heffernan. It is produced by Claire McCaughley and Rebecca O’Flanagan for Treasure Entertainment, with support from Screen Ireland, RTÉ, Head Gear Films, and Bank Side Films. Metal Heart is In Cinemas from June 28th 2019. Trailer Below.

I’ve wanted to do a title sequence for a feature for a long time, so was thrilled to bits when Hugh asked if I’d be interested in doing this. Erin (Hermosa) and I worked on this together with a very sweet process. I worked on the overall sequence design - layout, pacing, materials and camera animation in After Effects. Erin did all the hand-lettering, doodles and animations in Procreate on iPad Pro - from the couch! - and Airdropped them to me for inclusion in the overall composition. It was an absolute dream to work like this.

All props and textures were sourced and photographed by us for the sequence, photographs were provided by the cast.